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Part One: Emma, Marques and Aldon (NPC)

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Part One: Emma, Marques and Aldon (NPC)

Post by Calista on 2011-01-02, 15:48

GameMaster Entry
Time: Two hours before sunrise
Place: Russia
Characters:Emma, Marques and Aldon (NPC)

This chapter takes place two years after the first in a small town in Russia. Marques and Emma have just met up a few blocks away from the small house they'd rented for the week. Most humans are already waking and heading to their consecutive jobs, clouding the sidewalks with numerous fragrances from the mind-numbing over-perfumed smell of the women to the thick cigar smoke that surrounded some of the men. Ahead of where the two walk, a door slams open, a bar it seems which is just opening for the morning. A man with bright red hair is thrown out and into the street. As he picks himself up, it is apparent that he'd been in the bar since after it closed last night.

"I've told you enough you drunk, go sleep somewhere else!" the bartender yelled, slamming the door behind him. The thin man simply picked himself up off the road and shook his clothing off before looking directly up into the bright headlights of a truck with its horn blaring as it barreled toward him.
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