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Part One: Emma, Marques, Erik

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Part One: Emma, Marques, Erik

Post by Calista on 2010-08-11, 17:34

Gamemaster Entry
Time: sunset, Year 2003
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Characters: Emma, Marques, Erik

All of our vampyres have already fed this evening, Suzanna, Isabette and Tim able to be heard in the other room, playing a board game of sorts to amuse Tim, the youngest at heart. Tension between the immortals however was rather high. Not only had there not been a hint of the Empowered One in all of Europe, but now Japan was proving to be an unlikely place as well. Erik fully stood by the belief that he hadn't even been born yet, but Emma nad Marques believed that he must be reborn repeatedly until found. Each option is likely. There was also the development of the day before. Tiny Tim had been set off by something that Isabette had said and snapped a little bit. No one had gotten hurt, but Erik, overprotective as always was loathe to leave Isabette alone now. It was obvious that he was paying attention more to the shut door behind which the Familiars were than the conversation at hand.

The vampyres had the penthouse this time, able to overlook the entire city, planning their trips before actually making them. Everyone in the group believed that the Empowered One would be so full of whatever this 'power' was that a vampyres keen senses would be able to detect him immediately. This made the search difficult if only because it meant going up and down each street they could find at least two to three times in an area before moving on. Because humans didn't just stay in one spot, they had to check multiple times. Even with their speed and agility it was difficult to cover a million humans in one night between the three of them.

This part begins in the penthouse room just before they go out for the night.

Reminder: Not one of the vampires believes that the human is a female. It is unthought-of. As of now everyone refers to the Empowered One as a him.
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