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Part Two: Emma, Marques, Timothy, Suzanna

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Part Two: Emma, Marques, Timothy, Suzanna

Post by Calista on 2010-08-17, 14:07

GameMaster Entry
Time: near sunrise, year 2003, Two nights after Erik's departure
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Characters: Emma, Marques, Timothy, Suzanna


Erik's departure from the trio of vampyres shook not only Emma and Marques, but their Familiars as well. Timothy, naturally thinks that it is his own fault that it occured, especially after he snapped on Isabetta. Marques has become silent about the entire affair and will not mention Erik's name for fear of upsetting Emma, who had always seen Erik as a child to her. It is easy to see that both vampyres need to feed, but seem to be holding off due to the overall depression that is surrounding them.

In this part, the vampyres need to feed. Afterwards, before Emma and Marques head to bed, the two decide that they should move to a new city.

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