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His High Inquisitor's Intro

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His High Inquisitor's Intro

Post by spaceyjdjames on 2011-01-13, 13:55

Hi. I'm your newest neighborhood admin. I'm into hard Sci-fi, High fantasy, steam- and cyber-punk, zombie, and stuff that explores insanity, though the most important part to me is solid characters. I also admin some of the more technical stuff on the site, so if you have suggestions about that sort of thing, let me know, and I will see what we can do. Otherwise I'm just here to write like the rest of you! If you want to chat or have questions, I have my IMs listed on my profile, so feel free to contact me that way, or through a PM.

Be wary, heretics and witches. I, Head Inquisitor of Phantasmagoria have a vast array of tools at my disposal to catch you in your lies. =][=
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