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Busy bee! Dx

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Busy bee! Dx

Post by βεℓℓαdoηηα on 2011-02-02, 02:38

Kso, I know I've been behind in one or two auditions and I still haven't been able to get the story line for my angels rp up yet and I want to apologize to those who have been waiting on me. Sad

I've been so wrapped up with school and other boring day to day things that the only time I have to spare gets put into DAW (<3] and I really do get sidetracked so if anyone is waiting on something from me then please remind me if you feel as if too much time has gone by because most likely, I've forgotten about it.

I'm trying to make as much time for everything that needs my attention but truth is if it isn't brought to my attention then it won't get any. I'm forgetful >.>

Sorry! D:

I love you

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