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Post by spaceyjdjames on 2011-01-30, 18:04

Name: Austin “Oust”
Played by: AngelicDemonsCreeds
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 153 lbs
Body Type: lean but muscled
Physical Condition: thin, muscle
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: hazel
Appearance(Clothing/Scars): is wearing an old Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service uniform, black sunglasses, brown cowboy hat, black military boots; has a long scar from his chin to his left temple

Character Inventory.
Weapons: rifle, pistol, two grenades, Bowie knife
Armor: bullet vest, leather gauntlets, knee and elbow bicycle guards
Items: lighter, tank of petrol, two crates with food and medical supplies, van with a quarter tank of gas

Character Background.
Group/Ex-Group: used to be a part of the U.B.C.S. until resigning a year before the outbreak
Bio: Austin joined Umbrella Corp. when he was 21, having took military and police training. During further training to be a member of U.B.C.S., he was given the nickname “Oust” because of how quick he was at eliminating all the practice targets. However, he resigned after he was sent on a raid to recover some lost files and had been ordered to murder the target’s entire family. He took his favorite weapon, his rifle, and the uniform with him into retirement, moving from his home in Texas to Raccoon City in hopes of peace. As soon as he saw the zombies out his window, he put on his uniform and, grabbing a hunting knife and his rifle, went outside to try and figure out what had caused this. He now lives in an “abandoned” U.B.C.S. van.

After giving the road a final glance, Austin knelt down beside the man on the bottom of the van. He was the last and only one to make it to the van, the other ten outside. James, Austin thought with a sigh, picking up James’ body and placing it outside in the alley with the others. I told you to get out while you could. Almost all the U.B.C.S. officials had been ones Austin had trained with nine years back, and now they were dead. Austin made sure he had put a bullet in the head of every one of them, then returned to the van.

Austin wondered whether it would count as his fault that they were dead. I did kinda distract ‘em. He thought back to what had happened, going over the events carefully. Austin had run out into the road to be caught by the agents. Recognizing him and the uniform, they quickly made sure he had no bites, then briefed him on the situation. However, none of them had been watching the road and didn’t notice the pack of zombies. All the agents died trying to get back to the van except James, leaving Austin to shoot down the last two. James had been turning on the engine and did not see the zombie behind him. After killing that zombie and two others, Austin shot all eleven of the U.B.C.S. members, using what remained of an automatic he pulled off of James’ corpse.

Nope, not my fault, Austin decided. He counted his weapons. He had the pistol in the glove compartment with its 50 bullets, his 67 rifle shells (6 that had been used previously, and 2 that he used on the three remaining zombies), his Bowie knife, and two grenades and a tank of petrol that had been in a crate in the back of the van. He pulled out his lighter and lit a cigarette. He also had a couple crates of food and medical supplies. Looks like it’s a good thing I ran into ‘em. Well, at least for me. Guess I'll just stay here until I run out of food.

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