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Post by aiya on 2011-01-26, 13:19


My name is Aiya. I have started role-playing only four months ago. As a beginner, I hope to learn from my seniors on how to create mood and theme within my roleplay.
I hope to work with everyone!


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Re: Hello~

Post by Calista on 2011-01-26, 13:25

Hi Aiya!
Welcome to Phantasmagoria!
There should be a link on your nav bar (if you haven't already discovered it) which directs you to a new message. That will help you get around the site more easily. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I'll be more than helpful. If you want to get started right away, there is a forum titled Phantasmagoria which requires no audition at all. Just read the rules and post away. =]
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Re: Hello~

Post by spaceyjdjames on 2011-01-26, 13:28

Welcome! I hope that we can provide you all you are looking for Smile

What sort of roleplays do you tend to enjoy?

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Re: Hello~

Post by AngelicDemonsCreeds on 2011-01-26, 20:34

Hellos and welcome! I hope you like it here and get to learn a lot. If you have any questions, just PM me or another mod/admin and we'll reply quick. I'm on just about every day in the afternoon, so if you just need a quick answer I'll be here, as well as at least a few other admins/mods.

Hope to RP with you soon, and have fun!


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Re: Hello~

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