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Post by Lelitu on 2011-01-22, 00:00

As I am new here, I shall post an introduction

I got here, by invitation of O Great Creator
and I am looking forward to seeing what is going on here, and finding a storyline or two to join

my background in roleplaying is predominantly in tabletop, D&D, White wolf, ect.
with some more freeform games, such as Nobilis.

any questions, feel free to ask.

edit to add some actual useful inforamton about me Razz

I'm a hybrid, currently studying full time, towards a degree in software engineering
working part time to cover the bills Sad

and I have been looking for a new roleplay for some time
since the key member of my old tabeltop group died suddenly Sad

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Re: Greetings

Post by Calista on 2011-01-22, 00:23

V-V Always gotta bring something up that's sad huh?
No, I'm kidding of course, I love you. Laughing
Check out the FAQ, via the link at the top. Read our Open roles section and check out the RP help forum.
/poke if you need me.
Or just text Wink

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Re: Greetings

Post by spaceyjdjames on 2011-01-22, 12:32

Hello and welcome! We have a lot of new roleplays opening up along the lines of what you are experienced in, particularly Ba'n Neadir, a High Fantasy with two opposing groups and The Siege of Caeldir, another High Fantasy that is more similar to traditional D&D type. I'd love a White Wolf one to get going on here, but I'm not familiar enough with the system or universe to do it myself.

Anyway, if you have any questions, PM me or chat if you see me on. Can't wait to rp with you!

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Re: Greetings

Post by AngelicDemonsCreeds on 2011-01-22, 22:49

Welcomes!! I sincerly hope you do find an RP you like on here (seeing as a lot have popped up lately). And I'm sorry about your friend. Sad

Good luck with your major and job! Nice that some people can get one in this economy. -gives look to person who knows who they are and shall remain unnamed

Hope to RP with you soon!



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Re: Greetings

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