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Post by spaceyjdjames on 2011-01-13, 08:14

1. No canon characters.
2. Ten lines minimum.
3. All Phantasmagoria rules apply.
4. No God Modding.
5. You will run out of ammo.
6. Swords and other things can break.
7. The GM will post after every battle/mini-battle to say what happens to the weapons. I.E. The gun jams/ run out of ammo or the sword breaks.
8. Infected players will not be at start of RP- they will be let in later.
9. Special Items have to be approved.
10. Armor is only allowed by permission, or by being Umbrella, S.T.A.R.S., Military, or mercanary at start.
11. You are allowed to be Ex-Umbrella, S.T.A.R.S., or Military.
12. Mercanaries are allowed.

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