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Phantasmachat Rules

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Phantasmachat Rules

Post by Calista on 2010-08-18, 13:33

PhantasmaChat TOS

The chat is and extension of the message board and as such all of the same rules apply. However, there are a few additional rules that should be followed.

1. Please be respectful of other chatters and conduct yourself accordingly.

Should a conversation take on a more serious tone, let that guide your conversation until that conversation has ended. Do not flood the chat while someone is talking with emoticons, audiocons, and silly, idle banter.

2. Should someone offend you, or act unruly or in violation of the rules--DO NOT attack them or continue an argument with them.

Contact an administrator or moderator to handle the situation. By arguing with them, it intensifies the stress in the chat, and instead of having one unruly chatter, the entire chatroom erupts into chaos.

3. Do not argue with admins or moderators.

If a moderator or admin asks you to cease a behavior, do it. It's their site to run, it's their chat. Not to mention it's far to easy for them to kick, silence, or ban you.

4. Absolutely NO URL's are to be shared that link to graphic depictions of violence or sexual material.

Links may be shared only if they link back to the forum or are relevant to the topic at hand.

5. Please use your registered Phantasmagoria username in chat to avoid confusion. If you do enter chat with an alias and the staff finds out, you will be dealt with accordingly. Your IP address is shown to staff as you enter chat so we will find out who you are eventually.

Most of the time, the chat is a place for us to unwind and talk about day to day things. Chat has it's own brand of humor which may take a bit of getting used to. Please keep that in mind when using the chatroom for the first time.
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