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There's a new Rp waiting to get started

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There's a new Rp waiting to get started

Post by Althea Young on 2009-08-03, 18:20

It has been posted in the Horror section of the Original Roleplays. Follow the basic rules for auditioning and lets get the show on the road.

Title: Disturbed Silence has a Price

Main Characters: Julius Daniels, Eric Mathews, Felicity Sharp, Pricilla "Sissy" Carmichael,
Ethan Andrews, Allen Walker

Story overview: Julius, Eric, Felicity, Pricilla and Ethan are a group of unlikely friends. The brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal. All five actually grew up together and use to be really good friends as children. But as every child gets older, their minds and bodies develop differently. And so the five of them ended up separating, though they saw each other around school a lot. With the five of them entering their senior year, one sophomore plans his revenge. As a freshman, Allen Walker was constantly picked on because he was so quite and such a push over. Even though everyone at the school picked on him, the five formers managed to pick on him more. But what happens when you mess with the Quite one, whom bottles up every emotion and harbors a grudge against the five former friends? Each one did things to Allen that he didn’t appreciate nore like because they thought they could. Because they thought they were better. What do you do when the bottom of the social food chain rises up to retaliate, especially when he has death on his mind?
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