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My Moderators

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My Moderators

Post by Calista on 2009-07-29, 10:48

I've had a few questions on how my moderators have achieved the status that they have attained. This post is to clarify what is and is not true about my moderators. Here are some of the various questions that I have received.

~Is it because of their post counts? No, my moderators probably have some of the lowest post counts on th site.
~Is it because of their points? No.
~Is it because they are your friends? While most of my moderators are my friends, that is not the case.
~Is it because they are online all the time? No, half of my moderators pop in just every now and then to check up on things.

So exactly how are my moderators chosen? Well, that's actually, not a simple question to be answered. I choose my moderators for a variety of different reasons. The first being their overall maturity level. I'm not going to make a moderator from someone who I know is not ready for that just yet. I wouldn't be getting very much service out of them. And they have the potential to mess up the site somehow with something that they wouldn't understand. Most of my moderators also have good spelling and grammar, all the time, not just whne posting in the actual roleplays. They understand when a topic is serious and when it is okay to play around with replies. While my moderators are not online all of the time, they know how to keep up with the forums and topics that they moderate. They also understand what is to be flagged as inappropriate or off-topic.

The choice of making someone a moderator is between me and my other Admin Itrilidë and no one else. You cannot change our mind simply by being more active or going crazy with posts. If we choose you it is an honor and not something to be abused. If we don't, do not beg at our doors wishing for it.

I hope that this has cleared up a bit about our wonderful mods. If you ever need one of them for any reason, their names are in purple over the entire site.

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